I create stunning professional websites to strengthen the online presences of organizations and businesses.


self-portrait-aboutFor 15 years I was part of or led various Web Development teams in Seattle and Chicago. I studied, learned, and implemented the latest technology and design trends for corporations whose reach spanned the globe. Senior leaders and internal clients provided guidance on how the businesses were to be portrayed. We did our best to surpass expectations while still meeting deadlines.

It was demanding and exhausting, plus my wife and I had been devising our corporate-world exit strategy. So we I made the jump so many others have, or at least wanted to. We moved to a sunny mountain town and now own and operate both a brick-and-mortar business and an e-commerce store.

Being an entrepreneur is demanding and exhasting, too. But it’s also fulfilling in a way corporate life could never be.

I love helping others pave their own path. My name is Eric.


My bread and butter. After trying numerous content management systems (CMS) and building a few myself, I found WordPress to be the ideal fit for me to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed. WordPress has come a long ways since starting out as a strictly blogging platform. It is highly extensible and customizable allowing a business owner to go from a simple blog to a full digital e-commerce shop or subscription-based magazine. Using WordPress as my tool, my value is in combining my technical, design, and business expertise to deliver a beautiful and functional website that exemplifies my clients’ character and brand. All this while providing a platform to intuitively manage content for their portfolios and e-commerce shops.


A well-designed site isn’t much if it takes forever to load. Not to worry here. I’m a hosting reseller for, a reputable Cloud-based hosting provider that automatically scales resources based on the amount of traffic going to your site. Whether you get 50 or 50,000 hits a day, rest assured your customers won’t notice.


I’m currently working on developing a project management tool (aka ‘Rocket Project’) for a large clothing retailer. Once I have the framework built out, I’ll be able to provide this as a customizable service to other businesses. Stay tuned for a demo link to see how Rocket Project Management can help your organization become more efficient.


If you’re a startup looking to create a new brand from scratch or have been in business for years and are ready to evolve, I can help you.

I listen to my clients. And I care. I establish rapport and understanding. I want each endeavor – and you – to succeed. I go beyond vendor and become your partner.


Standard Website


  • 4+ pages tailored to fit your brand & style
  • responsive design (Optimized for mobile viewing)
  • Blog Functionality
  • Contact Form
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices
  • Social Media Integration
  • Integrated Newsletter signup
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Copywriting/Coaching
  • Google Analytics
  • Wordpress Training
  • Website Hosting, Backups & Maintenance (Annual Fee)

Standard + Ecommerce


  • All Standard website features plus ecommerce
  • 7+ pages tailored to fit your brand & style
  • Sell Digital or Physical products
  • Online Shopping Cart
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Customer Product Reviews
  • Wholesale Pricing & Invoicing
  • One-page Easy Checkout
  • Business & product photography available
  • Magazine Subscription and Auction formats available



  • Custom Logos
  • Wordpress Theme Design
  • Social Media Branding
  • Event Information & Signup Pages
  • Business Cards
  • Web and Print Ads

Project Management Tools

Contact for pricing

  • Web-based Project Management
  • Customized to fit the needs of any organization
  • Responsively Designed for optimal viewing on mobile devices
  • Cloud hosting with full backups available
  • Pricing based on number of users and level of customization

*The pricing tables cover about 90% of my client work. Those looking for other features are strongly encouraged to contact me. I can most likely help and will provide a quote after our discussion(s).


A great website is more than just an online business presence. It’s easy to navigate, has concise messaging, and represents the philosophy and culture of the business. In short, it gains the trust of your customers within just a few clicks.

My clients include startups creating new brands, evolving institutions, and businesses with websites in need of a little

tweaking so potential customers can find them easier in search engine results (SEO). I provide affordable, effective solutions. Training is provided so clients are empowered to make their own website changes and are confident they can manage their virtual storefronts.

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